Contour Type Pillow (Large)

Contour Type Pillow (Large)

Code: CO-L

Weight: 1.25 kg

60 (L)x 40 (W) x 10/12 (H) cm

Density: Medium


  • Description

Orthopedic Contour type pillow (large) is popular for both men and women. It consists of two rollers with two different levels, which support the cervical spine in the correct physiological position during sleep.

Contour pillows can adjust and correct bad sleeping posture leading to better relaxation of the brain, joints and muscles. The latex pillow with contour design helps support the neck for those who have problem with neck-ache. The pillow is firm and does not lose its firmness or shape easily over time thus providing an easy remedy for this pain.

This pillow has anti-snoring effect.
It is similar to the pillow “Knobby” by functionality and shape. This pillow has only a smooth surface without massage effect. Relieves headaches after a hard day’s work.

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