Bamby Type Pillow (Heart Shape)

Bamby Type Pillow (Heart Shape)

Code: HS

Weight: 1.25 kg

56 (L) x 38 (W) x 9/11 cm

Density: Medium


  • Description

This pillow has a specially designed shape which conforms to the anatomical structure of the arms, supports shoulders, and does not let shoulders be on a pillow during sleep. This helps to shape a good posture and maintain it.

This pillow relaxes and relieves stress and muscle fatigue with the shoulders and neck, and, as a consequence, you will have a more sound sleep.

This series contains unique particle surface design to massage acupuncture points around the head during sleep thereby effectively improving blood circulation and overall well-being. Contour Pillow designed for accommodate both back and side sleeper. Thus improve sleep posture, great night sleep, wake up refreshed and with less stiffness.

This ergonomic pillow features a heart-shape with contour area to support the right and left shoulders during sleep. The dimple in the middle of the pillow helps keep the head from rolling off the pillow at night, thus preventing neck pain in the morning. The pillows features ventilation holes to allow free airflow during sleep. These holes cause the coolness effect during summer and warmth during winter night.

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